Lately life has felt busy, but I don't have much to show for the past few weeks and I can't actually remember what I've been up to, so I'll just start with a few basic things that have seemed important to me in the past few days....

1. This past weekend Domineau and Jenn introduced me to the world of college lacrosse. Navy Stadium in Annapolis was hosting the NCAA Quarterfinals, so we spent Saturday sitting in the sun (and getting burned). Mike quizzed me when I came home and luckily I passed thanks to Dom's constant explaining.

2. I'm moving on July 1st to an adorable little house with my current roommate Kelly (who also happens to have an amazing album out on itunes), and Staci, a good friend who I met a million years ago in the dorms. I hate the idea of actually moving everything I own again, but I'm really looking forward to living with the girls!

3. A lot of the time on the weekends when most people think Mike and I are being too cool to be social, we're actually just lounging around with Comet. This guy spends his day laying around in his pipe eating hay and carrots. Life is rough.

4. I've started taking a yoga class once a week and today we meditated to the Best of the Bee Gees, the most un-yoga music I can think of. It was all I could do to not sing out loud the entire hour. RIP Robin Gibb.

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Nate and Jamie said...

Comet's life sounds like Wesley's. And yoga + BeeGees does not equal meditation.