Vday Cupcakes

You may of heard of Georgetown Cupcakes,
you know, that bakery that has a TLC show simply because they bake cupcakes.
I've had them a bunch of times, but never actually been to the store.
The line is always out the door and up the block and lets get real, I refuse to wait that long for anything, let alone a cupcake.

Well, in search of a place to get dessert last night, we decided to drive by and see if there was a crazy long line. To our surprise, there wasn't! The cupcakes were divine, the handsome guy on my arm was even better, and overall, it was a widely successful Valentines Day!


Katy Marie said...

Cute cute cute.

Karly Barker said...

Such a cute duo! I am sure you don't know who we are - but James and Mike are good buddies and I couldn't help but stop on by. You are too darling.