Christmas Partying

Last week was a rather uneventful week. Pictures of me working from home or studying just didn't seem blog worthy. It was nice to have some down time though because this weekend was a blur of Christmas parties and lots of food! I am convinced that there is nothing better than getting dressed up and socializing your way through the holiday season.

Friday night I went with Mike to his office party out in Virginia.
Seeing as I work in an office with 6 people, having a party with 2,000 people made for a great event!
I had been stressing about what to wear for weeks.
Three trips to the mall later, I decided to wear something I already owned.

The blurry picture was the best I could do...

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Blake said...

let me just say that the man can wear a red sweater.. that's all, he's just looking handsome. and you look beautiful too molly, but mostly this is about how handsome mike looks.