Working Hard

Today feels like the week with never end. 
I've had a few disappointments in the past 24 hours, which doesn't help.
Nothing major, I just didn't do well on an Arabic test (is grammar really THAT important?!)
and tonight I will be missing the Kanye/Jay-Z concert. 
Say what you will about them, but you have to admit they've got some serious swagger. 

So as I'm sitting here..working...I've also decided to start thinking about what I'm going to bake for Thanksgiving. Things are going to get crazy with Kim and I in the same kitchen, I can just feel it. 

I'm thinking some beautiful pumpkin cream pie...
(recipe found here)


Whoppie Pies...
(recipe found here)

I should probably go ahead and try both...
I mean it's always good to have back up in case I mess one up...

Any other suggestions for my first Thanksgiving dessert?

1 comment:

e hayes said...

Um...pumkin cream pie, hands down. make that two please