White House Tour

A few months ago my cousin Victoria emailed me this amazing dream she had...

"So I totally had a dream that we were celebrating Christmas in the White House. Everyone was there! All of the extended family! We were watching the news and it was talking about India and you were so into it and heated about what was going on.. I'm pretty sure you were the first lady and invited all of us to spend the holidays in the white house with you and the Pres, I mean your husband. I was complaining because I wanted to go out, but I guess the white house had a curfew? Anyway, I think your future looks bright."

So ever since then, I've had really high expectations on the people I date, I mean, aim high, right?
Not just anyone can get me to the White House. 

On Saturday, my friend Blake called me and told me he had extra tickets to the White House Grounds Tour. Twice a year the White House opens the back lawn so we commoners can see where the Obamas get picked up in Marine One, get really close to the West Wing, and see the Rose Garden.

Despite the fact that I didn't get to see Sasha or Malia, I thought it was the perfect fall activity.
And keep your fingers crossed for my future, I have a good feeling about 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

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Victoria Huish said...

I love you! I still think it will come true