FACT:  When you have friends who want to take an RV to prom instead of a limo, you know you have cool friends.

Yes, I'm in there somewhere

But when that same RV shows up in Virginia after two months of touring America, you know that you're friends are legit.

Which is exactly what happened this weekend.
Brendon (and Rane) are currently touring the country in a 45 foot RV and decided to come make a stop in DC! Did you know you can park RV's for free in Wal-Mart parking lots? Classy.

We did all of the normal touristy things and even ventured to the Native American Museum to try the Navajo taco's I've heard rumors about (yes they exist!). Katie joined us for dinner at Ben's, (the picture was too ridiculous to post), and after lots of chili, we sped home to catch the last part of the Bachlorette finale (their choice, not mine).

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