Sometimes I get a bit dramatic about things.
I owe it to the fact that I'm the youngest in a family of all girls, that has to count for something, right?
Crashing a convention at National Harbor-free Diet Coke!

Anywho, this past year I've been grateful that my best friend is a medical genius since every few weeks I think I'm having a medical emergency.

During the six hours I thought I had diabetes and would possibly die, Katie laughed and then assured me that it just wasn't possible. 

Or that time I was exhausted and was nauseous for a weekend and thought immaculate conception was indeed possible,  Katie just told me that I just needed to sleep and actually eat fruits and vegetables.

And then yesterday, when my eyes were ever so painful, and I was scared that I would become blind and have to have a seeing eye dog for the rest of my life [see post below about my thoughts on pets], I was reassured that eye drops would cure me.
Lost story short, I will be grateful for the day when Katie is an actual doctor [cross your fingers for her medical school interviews], so I can legitimately bother her with all my problems for the rest of our lives!

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Erin Collins said...

Hahah you crack me up Molly... Miss you!