The Single Life

A good friend of mine posted this yesterday on Facebook...

"DC Mormon singles are so trendy right now. We had a documentary filming us on our spring break. A Washington Post article about us last month. And PBS recording us during church today. I had to suck in the whole time."

I couldn't agree more. (Not about the sucking in part, Dom always looks great) But it seems like the topic of being single in the Mormon community is the It topic of the year. Despite our popularity, I can't really seem to figure out why people care. What is so interesting about a bunch of twenty somethings that happen to move to the same area as  each other and do social things together?

Maybe it's the fact that the ratio of girls to guys is 2 to 1, or the fact that my ward boundaries are about two square miles, or that people hang out together all. the time. I mean, yes all of this is interesting, but isn't the more interesting part of the Mormon culture the fact that at 22 years old, every friend I made in college is married? Or that some friends already have two kids at our ripe old age?

Being single has its perks and its downfalls, just like any other relationship status. I love that no one gets mad when I shop too much and yes, there are days I would love someone around to make dinner with and enjoy the little things in life. Until I find that person, my friends and I will take full responsibility for being the reason why so many people find the DC singles world so fascinating, and we'll love every minute of it!


Ransom and Brooke Young said...

it is pretty funny to think how young we really are, huh!? But what I thought was the most interesting about this post was that you claimed your real age! :)

The Apron Gal said...

haha love it! keep the single posts coming :) and yes we boring old married people are definitely fascinated by hearing about the single life!