White House Celebrations

Last night while helping [guest blogger] Blake move, we heard the news about Bin Laden.
I was on my way home when Obama gave his speech,
and decided that since I was already in the District, I might as well drive by the White House.
I turned around and picked Blake back up, and we raced over.
By some great luck, we found a parking spot a block away and literally ran to the party.

It was madness.
Everyone in cars honking, people singing, waving American flags, and just genuinely happy.
By the time we left, the crowd had doubled and people were still running in from all directions.
It was great to be in the middle of it all on such an amazing night!


Blake said...


lindsey said...

Seth and I just knew you would be there! I was looking for you!

Johanna said...

It was so funny to see Blake's excited face on your blog. We served in the same mission and I remember him doing that exact same face at transfer meetings (not quite as exciting).