I Survived

I am currently in recovery mode from the weekend. Dodging the documentary cameras, laying out in the sun, and eating overwhelming amounts of food is really hard work. Overall, the weekend was a success, and despite the reputation Duck has, I had a fabulous time.

Allie and I left DC on Friday morning with some great music and lots of diet coke. Despite getting a tad lost in Norfolk, VA, [ever heard of it? Me either.] the drive only took us five hours. I was SO excited to finally see the water. It's something I miss every day.

The house was huge, complete with an indoor and outdoor pool and was across the street from the beach. Somehow we scored a king sized bed to ourselves and were able to keep it for the entire weekend! We were probably some of the only people who had enough room to actually enjoy sleeping, though being woken up at 7 am is another issue entirely.  

Yes, there were moments where I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people around all the time. Yes, being on a beach with 1,000 people is weird and not always relaxing.  And yes, we Mormons can be a bit odd sometimes with our "meat market" mentality toward dating.

But what's not to love about warm weather and getting a little Duck Beach love?
Bring on Summer 2011!

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