East vs. West

With summer fast approaching, people in DC are taking off the layers and embracing the warm weather. Summer clothes means shorts, and the two coasts do warm weather very differently.

On the west coast, one can go just about anywhere in these...

But out here, that would never fly.
People just don't accept the ripped up, barely there look.
People are more into the classic "I just got done with a round of golf look" as they sport these little gems...

I wasn't completely sold on them until my friend Dimitri gave them a great endorsement, and now my opinion is beginning to sway. Besides, how could I ever say that embroidered shorts with animals on them lose? So this summer I'll be putting the denim mini shorts aside (at least until I go to California), and start embracing the preppy-ness.
East Coast 3 - West Coast 1


Katy Marie said...

I still vote the denim barely there look. No matter where you are. It's totally me you know. =)

P.S. Jessica Simpson is so incredibly sultry, I love it. I'm going to be her when I grow up.

Katie Coco said...


Moon said...

D told you about these?? Oh man I hope he has a pair like these with frogs on them. Russian prep.