Womens Springtime Essentials

And so we meet again, my final installment as a guest blogger here at Molly's phenomenal blog! I hope you have enjoyed the posts!

As requested, today I bring you the companion piece to the Spring Fashion Essentials - Women's Must-Haves. I have to be honest here - women's fashion is not my forte. I can recognize a well-dressed woman when I see her, but I am not overly familiar with trends or movements within the ladies' fashion arena. So I turned to one of the most phenomenal websites - Matchbook Mag. This incredible website has a blog and produces an incredible web-zine about women's fashion and pursuits. I really enjoy reading their stuff. So I flipped through several of their past issues online and wrote down the pieces that I LOVED for springtime. Then something hilarious happened. I started to collect my photos and I went first to the Land's End Canvas webstore that I raved about in the Men's post. As I browsed, I noticed that they carried every single item that I wanted to highlight! I was blown away. And all at affordable prices with hassle-free returns and free shipping (if you look around on the web you can always find a free shipping code). Now, I want you to know something - I am not paid by LEC at all. I endorse them because I have worn Land's End clothing my entire life - it is great quality and everything is guaranteed 100 percent. They will let you return a ten-year old shirt that has started fraying around the collar - try that at Old Navy... not going to happen.

Anyway, here are the ten essentials for women's springtime fashion. All of these pictures come from the Land's End Canvas site, but these are pretty standard pieces so you can find them at LL Bean, J Crew and other similar places.

Henley Shirt Dress

Plaintoe Ballet Flat

Linen Office Shirt


Chambray Officer Shirt

Pleated Pocket Skirt

Pattern Ruffle Front

Boatneck Tee

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