I have spent the past 48 searching for a way to get to New Orleans.
My options included renting an RV with friends and driving 18 hours, spending 26 hours on a train, or spending $700 on plane tickets. 

I finally had to admit last night that I wasn't going to go. 
It was a sad moment, but the thought of a possible NYC trip this weekend, London in two weeks, and the cherry blossom festival in DC cheered me up.
Last but NOT least, one of my really good friends from high school is trying to get a job on a radio show in Seattle.
His audition video is hilarious, so if you have a second, vote for him HERE

Here's to working at home for the next three days..
Happy Wednesday!


Allison Barker said...

Then you remembered that you were so excited to spend the weekend with me. RIP NOLA. Cougas-- let's WIN, WIN, WIN.

Nate and Jamie said...

Totally just voted for Brendan. He won me over with the clip of the old ladies.