Ready, Set, Wednesday

I try not to complain on my blog, because who really wants to read that.
But I feel like I deserve a moment to vent, 
as it's been a rough Wednesday and this is my blog. 

First off, getting a license in Virginia is NOT easy, and I'm tired of trying to be a legal driver. 
Second, it's raining and cold. 
And finally,  the weather has been affecting my nose, which always makes me feel sick. 
[I won't elaborate because it makes me feel like a vampire]

The cure for the Wednesday blues?! 
Picking up Stefi after her lousy day at school and making a necessary Sprinkles run! 

It was the perfect break from work, and something that will probably be happening more often in the coming days!


Allison Barker said...

so fun! Sorry you had a bad wednesday. Next-- it should be a lunch break! :)

Stefi said...

this was a necessary and delicious cure.

Susan said...

oh wow those look amazing. hope you have a good thursday to look forward to!