National Cathedral

With the weather nicer than ever,
Katie and I were able to get out this weekend and see a few things around DC.

First on our list was the National Cathedral.
We didn't get a chance to go inside, but had a fabulous time exploring the gardens.

In other news, I won a bet against a friend from high school over the BYU v. Gonzaga game. I'm not a big trash talker, but when we won by 22 points, I couldn't resist rubbing it in a LOT. He has to proudly sport this Jimmer shirt and take lots of pictures. I've never been happier to be a BYU alum.


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Victoria Huish said...

hahah awesome.. post those pics too! I told Jared and Seth I put BYU going all the way. I think it's because Syracuse has let me down too much and something about how brothers are always right is stuck in my head too. Call your friends back in happy valley and tell them to not let us down!