East vs. West

Introducing, a new series for my blog....

East Coast vs. West Coast

It begins with the all important question,
I am a true believer in all things In-N-Out, I mean, Collins and I could eat there just about every single meal, and often do when we're hanging out. 

But I went to Five Guys two nights ago and forgot how much I enjoy it.

But which one wins?

Really cheap, amazing shakes, and always good vs. more toppings and Cajun fries

I'm going to have to go with the west coast on this one..
In-N-Out is just SO much better! 
West Coast:1-East Coast: 0

tune in next week for west coast vs. east coast: shoe edition

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Allison Barker said...

love this! which i had thought of it :).

Can't wait for more....