Another Weekend

This weekend went especially fast, don't ya think?

I'm going to skip over Friday and pretend it never happened, but Saturday was really great.

Alli and I decided we needed to get out more, so we started with Saturday morning brunch.
Founding Farmers was a great choice, and I LOVED the stuffed french toast.
Photo stolen from Alli's blog

Great food, great company, what else could I ask for?

More great things that happened this weekend...

Susan had her SECOND baby, a boy named Dane Moore!
I was told about THESE great Moleskine notebooks. I'm buying the DC one asap.
Spring shoes are already being sold on Nordstrom.com, if only it would get warmer...
I finished the first season of Prison Break, still undecided on if I should start season two or not..
and last but not least, Posh and David Beckham are having their fourth child, I'm hoping for a mini-Posh!


Allison Barker said...

loved brunch! Where should we go next??

Kaela Frame said...

Molly! You are rocking DC! G just finished the whole prison break series on Netflix and he loved it!

Steve and Jess said...

sexy cardy :)