I couldn't sleep last night.
Maybe it had something to do with the weather, since it feels like it's -10 out there or that our heater was acting up all night long and I was curled around a space heater to stay warm. It also didn't help that the guy that cut my hair last night kind of messed it up, and I was furious for a while.  Either way, the only thing that I think it really boils down it is the fact that something is brewing.

I can't really describe brewing, but I do know that it means change is in the air. I feel pretty good about this brewing, so lets all just hope that it's a positive thing!

PS- I saw this post today and now I want one. Thoughts?
I'm attending this tonight with this girl, and I'm soo excited..
and this is my new favorite blog.

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apb said...

Hey Molly! I hope you are enjoying DC!