Sneak Peak

Happy Post Thanksgiving Weekend! I feel like it's been more than four days since I've been at work so I think I can say the weekend was a success! My camera is still at Katie's so the detailed post about NYC and the parade will have to wait, (I know you all are on the edge of your seat about that one), but here's a run down of some of the other things we did.

We found the new Kardashian store, DASH, but with the line to even get in the store, and the temperature outside, we decided not to stop.

We saw this movie, and seriously I cried. Well, actually I'm not much of a crier in movies, but I thought about crying. I loved it, but who can resist Jake Gyllenhaal? (fun fact: he and I share the same birthday, which probably gives me good karma or something)

We found a restaurant that only serves Mac and Cheese. WHAT?! Of course we had to go, and ended up eating the leftovers the entire weekend because it was THAT good.
And then we got stuck on the bus coming back because the Lincoln Tunnel decided to close on a Saturday night at 5 pm. Overall, it was a great holiday weekend and I'm glad to be able to officially listen to Christmas music!

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