My Mother's Child

When I got home from work a few days ago, I found a mystery Target package on my doorstep. Though my mother had warned me that it was coming, she refused to tell me what was in it.
Two cookie sheets and a cooling rack later, I had gotten the hint: my mother was trying to make me more domestic.
So last night I gave in and while friends were at my house watching basketball, I whipped up some traditional Huish cookies.
I guess the apple hasn't fallen to far from the tree. Thanks Mel!
PS-check out my social media guru friend Mollie, her blog is so great!
Also, I've been getting kind of antsy lately, which usually means it's time to take another trip. My top two dream choices are here and here, which means I better start saving.
Lastly, Crumbs is opening in the District today! Oh Happy Day!


Susan said...

So how secretive is that recipe?? I remember those cookies - literally the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! Miss you Molly!

Jylare Smith said...

Molly! You look so cute. I'm going to get that recipe from Jamie. :) Hope you are having a blast in DC. Give my sister a hug for me!

Allison Barker said...

I'm so down with going to Rome with you. Summer 2011?!?!?