Birthday Month

Maybe because my birthday is so close to Christmas, or because it's fallen during finals week for the past four years, I'm not a huge birthday-er. BUT in honor of it being December 1st, which is only 19 days away from my day of birth, here are 19 things you never knew about me.

1. I hate the texture of Jell-o. Even thinking about eating it makes me gag.

2. I read Vogue every single month, something I learned from my sister.

3. I have moved 11 times in the past four years.

4. I have an awful sense of smell, which I think came from chronic nosebleeds (yes, I self diagnosed that one.)

5. I love rap music.

6. I skipped the seventh grade.

7. When I took the tests to skip a grade, I failed the spelling section, and I am still an awful speller.

8. My favorite city in the world is Paris.

9. My best friend was on Wheel of Fortune, and she won because she's brilliant.

10. I've called my mom by her first name since I was 15.

11. I rarely buy fresh produce when I grocery shop.

12. I rarely grocery shop.

13. My favorite movie is Love and Basketball.

14. I made the guy I went to prom with ask me twice because I didn't think his first attempt was sincere enough.

15. I have nothing to show for four years of Spanish except for "hola."

16. I can make cookie dough from scratch in approx. 90 seconds.

17. Every morning I read cnn.com, nytimes.com, and people.com. All of equal importance in my mind.

18. I can quote the movie Ten Things I Hate About You from beginning to end.

19. I promise this will be the only birthday related post.


Kathryn Marie said...

I LOVE this post.
P.S. I read the People.com section of style weekly.

Kaseface said...

you are cute. happy early bday. can't wait to share the real thing with you :)

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

I can't spell either!! I wonder if it has anything to do with mrs pointer...