The Three P's

The President

There is this rumor (myth, urban legend) I've heard a few times about the President. Apparently, one of the cars in his entourage has a phone signal scrambler, which causes all calls to be dropped if you're close enough to the street when he drives by.

I work near the White House, and happen to be out on the street about four times when he drove by this week. So thanks Mr. Obama, for letting me know there is truth behind the DC rumors.

Pink Day

Friday was the Susan G. Komen Race in DC. I went to run an errand during the morning, and was overwhelmed by all the pink that has infused the neighborhood in the few hours I had been inside. My office was right on the route, so it was so much fun to see everyone dressed in pink and supporting the cause.

This guy decided to help us all use the crosswalk, and even though he isn't the most wildly dressed, he didn't stop singing for like 3 hours, which I thought was really great.


No, not "playas", I'm talking about literal football players. A friend of a friend, Will, plays for the Redskins, and I was able to meet up with him and some of his friends on Saturday. It was quite the adventure which even included us getting the VIP treatment as some club, as we snuck in through the kitchen to avoid the lines!

Thanks for a great night, can't wait to see you guys in the city soon!


Katy Marie said...

First of all, you are cool.
Second of all, you are gorgeous.
Third of all, you have a rad internship thingy.
Fourth of all, I miss you.

Skye.and.Jess said...

I'm glad you confirmed that presidential rumor for me.