Working Girl

As of last Thursday, it's official: I have a job!

I am working for a small non-profit organization called the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation, (it's a mouthful, I know) and am the Development Assistant. The foundation funds a maternity hospital in Bethlehem for the Palestinian refugees that are living in camps behind the separation wall. My job is to help with donor relations, continue and expand the fund raising efforts, and grant writing!

I start tomorrow and am SO excited.

Learn more about it here and keep your fingers crossed that it's as perfect as I hope it is!


anna said...

molly, this is awesome! you are perfect for this job!! good luck!

Kaseface said...

sooo excited for you! good luck! can't wait to hear about it!

Skye.and.Jess said...

Wow! That sounds great. Super cool.

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

I can't believe I just now discovered your blog! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and wondering how your new job is going! I heard about your grandma today; I'm so sorry. I hope you got to come home for the funeral?

Anyways love ya! And I hope you have a blast in DC!

Katy Marie said...

RAD. Totally rad. You win.