What does "Ohhh Heyyy boo! Doya wanna buy sum pimp juice?" mean to me?

That I am in the northeast part of the city, searching for a Target, and being asked if I would like to buy some water. Isn't that what you would have guessed?

PS-people have been asking to see pictures of my room and house, but my room currently looks like Hurricane Earl already came through, so there isn't much to see. As you'll notice, my IKEA bookshelf is still half completed, I don't have sheets on my bed, and I'm still living out of suitcases!


Katy Marie said...

Love it.

Best line I think that has ever been heard in D.C. is "Don't you make me put my baby down, don't you make me put my baby down!" But I do believe that "pimp juice" line comes in a close second.

And just think, if you're always living out of a suitcase it always means your going/coming from somewhere! ;)

Steve and Jess said...

hahahahahahah Molly, did you buy any pimp juice?

Post pics ASAP the room looks cute :)