The Meat Market

I went to church today. It was the first time since I've been here that I've been able to go to my ward. Imagine walking into a room of 300 people, and not knowing one person. Yup, that's how it was and it was rough. My roommate helped show me around a little bit, but she was busy doing her own thing, and I didn't want to tag along to much, so I just kind of hung out alone. I know that I will get as much out of it socially as I put into it, but man, it was so overwhelming that I came home and after a small emotional break down, am lying on my bed with no plans of moving for the rest of the night. Happy Sunday, eh?


Skye.and.Jess said...

That about sums up all of my new ward experiences. I always just think, "I'll let people approach me if they want to be my friend." That line of thinking never works out for me though. Good luck!

Molly B said...

understand completely. except in portland, in R/S, we had a revival... yes, 'revival!' very engaging, although I think I still may be dubbed the new girl (for now).