Coming Home

As most of you know, I flew home a week or so ago. It was a lot earlier than expected, but my grandma was diagnosed with terminal cancer while I was in India, and it was important for me to be here during this time.

I still can't believe my time at Shanti Bhavan went so fast. It feels like I was just home a few weeks ago, and technically I was only gone for about 9 weeks. Maybe it was that this was my second time, but it just flew by. Leaving was bittersweet. I have loved my time in India and love the kids I teach more than anything in the world. I had the chance to volunteer with people who I will be close with for years, and since they all live on the east coast, I even get to see them again soon!

Part of me was ready to leave though. I really felt like I needed to be here with my family, and I have been so grateful for the time I've gotten with Grandma Jan these past few days. As I try to figure out my future in DC with my housing situation and job situation (no I don't have either of those yet), I love having access to internet all the time. I know that if I was still in India, I would be so unprepared when I move out there in August.

Anyway, good, bad, or in between, I'm home! Thanks for the love and constant support as I've traveled around the world! Now on to my next adventure on the other side of the country!


Lisa Ogles said...
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Lisa Ogles said...

Molly I didn't know you graduated! (I'm assuming you did since you're talking about moving to DC). Speaking of DC, what's taking you out there?