It's Begun!

With the graduation festivities ending last Sunday, the school year officially started on Tuesday. Right now just the older kids, grades 6-12 are at the school, and the younger kids come tomorrow. My schedule changed a few times over the week, so it was a crazy few days trying to get everything right. So far I’m teaching sixth grade literature, grammar, and creative writing as well as tenth grade Indian civics, eleventh grade political science, and twelfth grade world history. Next week I’ll also be picking up second grade spelling and creative writing!

It feels like monsoon season has begun here. The first few days were so hot, overwhelmingly humid and probably close to 100 degrees. But a few days ago it felt like something snapped and it’s a lot cooler and rains just about every afternoon for a few minutes.

The kids are so great. It’s nice to already know a lot of them already, and have some names down. I started teaching about the Indian government yesterday to my tenth graders, and when I looked at them, it was like I was talking to a wall. They weren’t moving and were looking at me like I was speaking Chinese. It reminded me of high school and the millions of civics and American history classes I’ve sat in and how boring it gets after a while. I’m hoping that I can find some type of project to make it more interesting, but they are a tough crowd!

It’s nice to be away from everything right now and take a break from reality. The one exception is the World Cup! All of us volunteers, about twelve of us, crowded around our tv to watch the South African game, even though the cable box reception wasn’t very good and it kept cutting out the entire game. Anyway, with the younger kids coming tomorrow and a full week ahead of classes, I should have more interesting stories for next week!

Love from India

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