So I was gifted some Indian spices last summer from a friend. The intention was to make authentic food together, but things never really panned out. The three tubs of turmeric, masala, and cumin seed have been sitting unopened on my shelf for the past nine months. Though I should be cultured enough to know what to do with them, I have never set foot in an Indian kitchen, let alone worked with such spices. Since I don't cook much (see post below), I don't even know where to begin using them. Any suggestions or would anyone want some? They smell pretty amazing!


Aaron & Susan said...

Ship them on over! Or look at Erin's food blog and make that Chicken Tikka Masala. YUM! Also, I love you Molly. The end.

Erin Collins said...

Oh the possibilites... I agree with Susan - make chicken tiki marsala! Then add some tumeric to rice when its cooking and it will turn yellow and be delicious. Also you can make my indonesian chicken with the cumin.

Kimberly said...

I have a really good chicken tikka masala recipe if you want it--probably we should have a Bollywood night because I miss you!