Home Sweet Home?

I returned to Utah almost two weeks ago ready for the last semester of my college career. What I was not ready for was another house issue. Apparently the power to our fridge had gone out while everyone was home for Christmas break, causing all of the food to spoil, including tons of meat. The landlord figured this out before we got back, and emptied the fridge/freezer and wiped it out. She didn't get rid of the smell though and it was seriously awful! For over a week we called and called, and only get vague answers back, if she even answered her phone at all. We resorted to keeping food on the back porch (sketchy, I know), but luckily Utah is so cold right now, our milk stayed cold! My roommate Bekah decided to take apart the whole thing, finding layers of mold and other nasty growths, that were causing it to smell. We taped off the kitchen (as seen above), which helped stop the spread of the smell to all other parts of the house. After getting BYU involved, our landlord found us a new fridge, so we can finally use our kitchen again. Oh the places we live as poor college students!

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Leash said...

your life is so much more exciting than mine!

wish i could find some mold in my fridge...not :)