An Education

At this very moment it is Saturday afternoon and I am in the library trying to write two papers, study for stats, and prepare for the two tests I have next week. I guess I deserve this torture for one Saturday since the past few weekends have been busy learning important things outside the class room.

Things such as...
Learning that my 13 yr old cousin can ski a lot better than me.

Or other things like...
Intertube waterpolo IS a sport at BYU. My roommate Bekah and some other friends are on a team, which I support from the stands.

Or other things like...

Sushi really is my favorite food! My friend Felipe (he's from Chile), and I have decided to try every sushi place in Provo. We've currently visited four I think and have a few more to go. Is it bad to crave raw fish?

Needless to say, my schooling is getting in the way of my education.


Leash said...

oh molly molly molly!

i just love you.

that's all.



Lori said...

That all looks like so much fun! And yes... never let school get in the way of your education. Rule #1. :)