Carbon Monoxide!

So I'm sure many of you have heard, thanks to my mother's emails, about the recent events here in Provo. I live in a house with two other girls and downstairs in a separate apartment are three more girls. The furnace is downstairs and was lit on Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm.

Thursday morning I woke up with a huge headache and feeling very light headed and sick. I got up late but did eventually make it in to work where luckily I was the only one there and could relax. My roommate called me at 10:30 saying that our house was full of carbon monoxide and that she was going to the hospital and I needed to come.

We got to the ER and were immediately hooked up to oxygen masks and blood samples were taken. On a normal daily basis everyone has about a level 1 or carbon monoxide in their blood.
I was tested at a 9 and my roommates out scoring me with an 11 and 14. The girls downstairs had levels like ours, so to help reduce the risk of long term effects of short term memory loss and neurological damage, the doctors decided to put us in the hyperbaric chamber.
This is the chamber in which scuba divers usually go into when they come up to fast. We were quickly prepped and fitted for equipment and were soon sitting in the submarine looking tank while the air around us was changing to be as it would be 66 feet below sea level. Most of the time we had to wear plastic bubbles around our heads where we were able to breath only pure oxygen.
Friday we were back in the Chamber at 8 am for a two hour session and then later in the afternoon we had our last session at 2 pm. We're all carbon monoxide free and back in our house which seems to be ok now.

Not having much to report on that day, we met a few reporters who shared our story with the world...






Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers over the past few days!

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