It's been a while...

It's been a month or two since I lasted posted, but with Provo never changing, I haven't had much to say. Here is a quick recap of everything important in my world...

1. My office sponsores a huge conference every year at the law school, so I worked about 60 hours that week while trying to keep up on school. They gave me tickets to go to General Conference this year, so we got to see the Sunday morning session from amazing seats!

2. Wisdom teeth- My mom flew down two weekends ago to be supportive of me while I got all four wisdom teeth out. We spent the weekend at Steve's house while I recovered and Mel got to play with the crazy cousins.

3. BYU Football- Though I admit to being a fair weather fan, this season has been really fun (despite our recent loss). I've begun to realize that this really is my last year here, and am trying to be supportive of all things BYU.

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