I Am Appalled!

Reading the BYU news paper isn't something I do every day, or even once a month, but today while waiting to pick up something my office had ordered, I decided to take a look. Then I remembered why I never read it. This opinion colomn had me laughing so hard I had to put it down. Thank you to whoever wrote it for keeping up the BYU tradition of being appalled!

Help women control thoughts
Every month, The Daily Universe publishes
a handful of letters urging female students to their part in keeping the male mind pure. As a
arried woman, I do my best to avoid shirt that show figure and eschew the cross-the-chest messenger bag. But I must ask our male counterparts to show us the same respect. To put it delicately, men must realize that their constant public displays of kindness make it extremely
difficult for women to keep their thoughts in line. When visiting campus, I often keep my head down and sing a hymn in my mind to avoid
seeing the gratuitous acts of goodness that are everywhere — men holding doors for strangers,
escorting sisters home at night, returning library books on time. If I unwittingly happen upon a
gentleman holding the elevator for a latecomer, please remember this image can be seared into my
mind for days.
Men, keep in mind that the female brain does not work in the same way as yours. What seems like a
casual “good deed” to you can have a devastating effect on an otherwise innocent woman’s desire to
control her thoughts. We need your help. So please limit your acts of kindness to interactions with
your family members and all-male roommates. If you cannot keep your good deeds concealed, realize
that you are holding a giant, chocolate cupcake in front of your fellow co-eds. Can women really be
blamed if it gets a lick?
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Nate and Jamie said...

Love the cross-chest messenger bag comment. And mistaking 'scared' for 'scarred'. I thought only intelligent people got into BYU.

Colby and Sarah said...

This is amazing!! I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE the BYU newspaper! BYU wouldn't be the same without it!!!