Sari Dancing

Another week! The weeks seem to fly by here in my little world of Shanti Bhavan. The kids consumer every ounce of energy I have and then some. I am really starting to gain a new respect for the teachers I had in grade school. How did they manage to get up every morning and be so happy?

So the big story of the week is the dance program that the volunteers put on last night to entertain the kids. The seven of us younger volunteers learned a dance from a Bollywood movie that had both classical and modern Indian dancing. We practiced in secret for two days and it was a complete suprise to the kids. The best part was that the girls had to jump around and dance in a sari! I can't tell you how nervous it made me! I was constantly scared that it was going to fall down, but it didn't and the show was a hit! When the first dance started all 200 kids started freaking out and screaming their lungs out. The girls learned another dance from the same movie that involved from large bright skirts and tops. Mine was bright pink so I"m pretty sure I looked like Indian Barbie. The kids all rushed the stage after which made all the practices worth it!

Lastly, I was so proud of myself this week! I have successfully learned all of the names of the kids in my second grade class, as well as all the 11th graders. One may laugh and think this isn't a big deal, but when their names are Nithyashree, Sumati, Vyshali, and Sowmiya, things can get complicated.

Joe and I are going to travel next weekend, so hopefully I'll have more exciting things to post! Much Love!

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